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Resist Fascism Smokey Bear T-shirt

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Smokey Bear Resist Fascism T-Shirt: Our Resist Facism T-shirt comes in response to...well, come on, you know.  People refer to Germany in the 1930's and are quick to say, "Well, that could never happen here."  Guess again. It's already happening.  Disparaging the judicial system, discrediting the free press, massive military buildup.  It's all part of the "new vision."  Plenty of people wish they had spoken up back in the day in Germany, but eventually, it was too late.  Let your feelings be known with our Smokey T-shirt!  Designed by our screen print shop manager, Dave Gittings.  Thanks, Dave!

Hand Silk Screen Printed on 100% Cotton Unisex Canvas Brand T-shirt – Heather Tan