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Aloha from New Mexico T-shirt

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Aloha from New Mexico T-shirt: This design is a friendly handshake with our sister state, Hawaii.  New Mexico and Hawaii are just about the only two states that have resisted the homogenization of their local cultures.  Often when traveling, one sees the same old crappy chain restaurants, motels and big box stores.  If you were dropped off at a town in Nebraska, it would be tough to figure out that you were not in Macon, Georgia, or Duluth, MN.  So much of America looks the same from town to town.  Not true of Hawaii and New Mexico.  We have both managed to maintain much of our region's local cuisine, architecture and language.  Viva la difference!

  • Hand Silk Screened in Albuquerque, New Mexico 
  • 100% Cotton Unisex T-shirt
  • Premium Canvas+Bella Brand Tee
  • Color: OCEAN BLUE

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